Our Culture and Philosophy

Watsco was founded and built by entrepreneurs. Our journey to become the leading HVACR distributor in North America began in 1989.

Since then, after 30 years of continued investment in HVAC distribution, we have partnered with more than 70 owners of independent distributors and their leadership teams. We are humbled to be entrusted with the these family legacies, many of which are still alive and well within Watsco today. Indeed, we count on new leaders to inject fresh ideas and bring new perspectives to our business – all in the spirit of becoming a better partner to our contractor customers.

Our industry was built by passionate, driven, and forward-thinking owners and their families.  Watsco has many of the attributes of a family business and we understand how entrepreneurs think – and act.  As you assess how the industry is evolving and what comes next, consider what Watsco’s culture has to offer your business, family, employees, and customers.

Our principles are simple, proven and unconventional.  We do not look for synergies, we do not re-brand successful businesses, and we do not impose our thinking at the expense of the entrepreneur.   

Instead, our focus is on preserving and building upon the success you created as a business owner.  We strive to maintain the unique culture and spirit that has allowed you to thrive.  We recognize that you have built something special and we look to sustain that success in the following ways: 

Honoring Legacies

Your brand in the market is unique and we are committed to securing that legacy. We ask current leadership to continue with the company and prefer future successors be promoted from within. We want Watsco’s capital, relationships, and technology at your and your team’s disposal.

Accelerating Growth

We seek to partner with growth-oriented companies. We have a strong balance sheet and we want our capital to be at the disposal of great leaders in support of their growth strategies.

Creating an Ownership Culture

We have always been committed to employee ownership. Today, more than 3,000 employees are also shareholders in Watsco through a variety of equity plans. Simply put, we want our team to think and act as owners with the long-term in mind.

Investing in Employees

We commit to key leaders through employment agreements and equity when appropriate. We offer a strong 401k plan along with a generous employer match. We also provide top-notch health benefits for all employees, including wellness and prevention programs to support our employees’ long term well-being.

Leading with Technology

The digital age is quickly reshaping our industry. Watsco has invested over $200 million in technologies that are transforming how contractors do business. Our technology tools are easily scalable, flexible and become immediately available to companies that join the Watsco family.

Respecting Local Markets

The digital age is quickly reshaping our industry. Our business is local in nature – local employees taking care of local customers in unique markets. Ours is a decentralized approach with local leaders empowered to think and act locally. We do not want to be the “brand”. We respect the importance of regional distributors and their personal relationships in the market.

Optimizing Value for Shareholders

You only sell a family business once and our goal is to make it rewarding for all stakeholders. We work towards tax-efficient outcomes and accommodate family-owned real estate needs.

Partnering with Watsco means you secure your family’s financial future and solidify your company for the long-term without having to step away from the business you’ve built and care so much about. Here are some distributors we’ve partnered with recently :   


We understand these are emotional decisions at heart.  The first step is often a simple, confidential conversation to learn about each other and personalize the discussion.  My role is to help you think about the possibilities and navigate the variables that lie ahead.  We have worked with more than 65 families over the years – always in a discreet, highly personalized manner – to accomplish big things.  If you are an owner and would like to have an introductory conversation, we would love to hear from you.  

I can be reached directly at egomez@watsco.com or (305) 987-4141.  All conversations will be kept in strict confidence. 

Rick Gomez 

Vice President