What Defines us

Long-term focus, entrepreneurial culture, and technological edge

Proud to be one of the
country's largest corporations
based on revenues

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Watsco by the Numbers

Through its entrepreneurial and technology-driven culture, Watsco has established itself as the largest distributor in the highly fragmented $50+ billion North American HVAC/R distribution market.

30-year performance


CAGR in operating

15% CAGR in sales

34-year as of 12/31/23

Billion in revenue

Our Environmental Impact

At Watsco, we are uniquely positioned to help drive the transition to a lower carbon future. That’s why we are committed to providing high efficiency HVAC units, heat pumps, and energy saving supplies.

19.2M metric tons of CO2e averted

from the sale of high efficiency equipment from January 2020 – December 2023

>700K heat pumps sold in 2023

>840 High efficiency ductless units sold in 2023

>900 electric forklifts in use at our branches

How we got here

The company, Wagner Tool & Supply Corp., is founded in New York


Watsco, Inc. is incorporated in Florida


Watsco goes public

Albert H. Nahmad becomes Chairman, President and CEO

Watsco acquires an 80% interest in Gemaire in Florida and shifts focus to distribution

Watsco acquires locations from Carrier and ICP and enters the refrigeration market with the acquisition of Baker Distributing Company

Watsco sells its manufacturing operation and its revenues reach US$1 billion

Watsco acquires East Coast Metal Distributors, a distributor of Goodman products


Watsco forms first joint venture with Carrier Global Corporation and its revenues reach US$2 billion

Watsco enters Canada and revenues exceed US$3 billion

Watsco expands its presence in the Northeast

Watsco’s revenues reach US$5 billion

Watsco expands its presence in the Midwest and its revenues reach US$6 billion

Watsco’s revenues reach US$7 billion, e-com sales reach US$2 billion and the company was named to the Fortune 500 list

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