Watsco Ventures products are changing our customers’ businesses

5 years ago, Watsco Ventures was created with a mission to help our customers grow their HVAC/R businesses profitably. Since then, our innovative software solutions have helped thousands of businesses and HVAC entrepreneurs succeed and grow.

Today, these products include OnCall Air digital sales platform, Credit for Comfort financing solution and Alert Labs 24/7 remote monitoring IoT devices for A/C, leaks and floods.

In recent video testimonials, customers shared their stories of how these products have dramatically improved the way they run their businesses.

OnCall Air Testimonial

For HVAC business owner Tom Nichols branding plays a big part in his business and OnCall Air reflects their brand and conveys the professional experience his customers get every time.

As he shares in this video, OnCall Air has not only dramatically improved their profitability but because they can sell more high-end equipment, it has also boosted their average ticket 15%.

Alert Labs Testimonial

 Michelle Cong estimates that her implementation of Alert Labs Flowie waterflow tracking and monitoring system has helped her save Fanshawe College $100,000 every year in water savings to date. That’s just one reason she would absolutely recommend Flowie. Watch Michelle and others at her institution share stories of what has made Flowie such a remarkable monitoring tool.


Credit for Comfort Testimonial

For Linda Tappen, Dicks’ Air Conditioning & Heating’s Office Manager, Credit for Comfort has been a welcome change from traditional financing. The fact that customers can fill out their application from anywhere makes the whole process easy and convenient and has helped them improve their average ticket.

In this video, Linda talks through the difference Credit for Comfort has made both on their business and in their customers’ buying decisions.


The future

These customer success stories highlight the value of investing in Watsco Ventures products and supporting the “intrapreneurs” who build them.

As Kenny Fowler says, these products “nudge” HVAC entrepreneurs like him to opt into the digital era and leverage technology so their businesses can thrive and grow in an increasingly competitive HVAC sector.