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Building a future where our customers, consumers and the planet can thrive

As the HVAC distribution industry leader, we recognize our responsibility in driving the transformation of the industry towards a lower carbon future. Our goal is to lead the transition to low carbon, high efficiency HVAC units for millions of homes and businesses across the markets we serve. We recognize how critical this is for the future of our planet and how significant it is to our stakeholders. These are some of the areas where we can have the greatest impact.

Sustainable products
& solutions


High efficiency AC and heat pump units sold in 2021

>6.7 M

Indoor air quality products sold in 2021

Watsco companies offer a wide variety of products that help consumers and businesses reduce their carbon footprint by lowering their energy consumption and improving air quality. These include high efficiency heating and cooling systems, indoor air quality products, smart thermostats, insulation and IoT devices that track AC health and water use. In 2021, our sales of Energy Star products grew by 28% to over $1.3BN.

Technology that


Active users on our mobile apps in 2021


Of units sold in OnCall Air in 2021 from major brands exceed current energy efficiency requirements

We have built solutions that help contractors sell, finance, install and service high efficiency systems and eco-friendly accessories. Our mobile app empowers technicians to access technical support ensuring products are properly installed and refrigerants don’t leak. Our sales platform helps contractors sell high efficiency products while our consumer financing solution makes payments affordable so consumers can make better choices.



Electric forklifts used at our branches

Watsco’s headquarter offices are LEED Certified

Watsco is currently developing a carbon accounting system and the necessary tracking capabilities to manage and reduce our scope 1 and 2 emissions. We have already taken steps to reduce our energy consumption including the installation of LED lighting at our branches, the electrification of our forklifts and the tracking and optimization of delivery routes for our delivery trucks.

Our Impact


Metric Tons

Averted from the sale of high efficiency equipment from January 2020 - October 2022


Gallons of water

Saved through Alert Labs' water monitoring products from January 2020 - October 2022

Gallons of water saved is calculated as the flow rate of a detected leak for 14 days which is the average time it takes to resolve a leak once it has been identified.

That's the equivalent of:

Taking 3.2M vehicles off the road for 1 year

34 million barrels of oil consumed

Carbon sequestered by 17.4M acres of U.S. forests in one year

Our Commitment in Action

The initiatives we have launched to support our commitment have resulted in significant positive changes that we are proud of

Our Business is a Major Catalyst for CO2e Reduction

Watsco's sales of high efficiency equipment from January 2020 - June 2022 have averted 12.9 M MT from entering the atmosphere.

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Technology that helps consumers make the right choice

OnCall Air has helped Ductworks grow their average ticket by 15% making it easier to convey the value of high efficiency equipment.

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College Saves Water and Lowers CO2e with AlertAQTM

With Flowie installed across four different campuses, Fanshawe College was able to save $100,000 a year while lowering CO2e emissions.

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