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About Watsco

The Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry has never evolved at a rapid pace. Until now. And Watsco is the driving force.

We are revolutionizing how business is done with technology platforms that serve one purpose – to help our HVAC/R contractor customers grow. When they win, we win. Together we are developing a new paradigm, to win with speed, efficiency, expertise and customer service.

Founded more than 60 years ago, Watsco is the largest distributor of HVAC/R in the world. Our 2017 revenues topped $4.3 billion. We are always looking for talented, ambitious, and dedicated people to join the revolution!

Potential Sales Roles

Here are a few of the places you could start your sales career with Watsco companies

Counter Sales

Working in one of our branches, promoting the equipment, parts, and supplies our customers need to help their customers get their A/C or refrigeration up and running. A great way to learn our product, be face to face with our customers, and also learn about store and warehouse operations. These roles touch more of our customers than any other, and are a strong path toward running one of our businesses.

Inside Sales

Inbound and outbound selling to our existing customer base. Like the counter sales roles, you will learn a lot about our products, help answer our customer’s technical questions, help solve problems, and drive revenue across a wider geography. As with all of our sales roles, this can lead to sales leadership, and then operational leadership.

Digital Sales

Promoting our e-commerce platform to our existing customers – we make ordering easy! These are new programs and changing the face of how we do business. Learn the product, interact with customers, and be consultative (how our tech can help run business more efficiently).

Outside Sales

The face of the subsidiary to our larger customers. They bring in new business, but also manage the relationships with our larger customers. They touch all aspects of the business. Many of our Regional Managers and General Managers are former Territory Managers.

Customer Success

Combines selling with customer service. Helps sell our technologies to customers, helps onboard them and integrate the technology with their businesses, and provides an AMAZING customer experience. These are brand new roles, and like Digital Sales, are changing the face of how we sell to, and interact with our customers.


There are also a whole bunch of business development and marketing related roles – from product management and product development to marketing analytics and competitive intelligence.

Our Companies

Carrier Enterprises

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Our largest subsidiary by revenue. They have more than 1600 people in 150+ locations across the US, Mexico, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This is the former sales and distribution arm of the HVAC manufacturer Carrier Corp (part of United Technologies).

Gemaire Distributors

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Founded in 1969, Watsco’s acquisition of Gemaire is what started the pivot from manufacturing into distribution. With more than 1000 employees in 90+ locations, they have opportunities from S. Florida to Northern California (and every place in between).

Baker Distributing

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Founded in 1945, Baker is engaged in the sales and distribution of HVAC, refrigeration, food service equipment, parts and supplies for residential, commercial and marine applications. They have 200+ locations in 22 states and around 1300 employees.

East Coast Metal Distributors

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Started in 1954 with a single office in Durham, NC. They are now one of our quickest growing companies, with 350+ employees, and 44 locations in the Southeast and Midwest.

Watsco Ventures

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A start-up incubator started by Watsco, to grow companies that can provide our HVAC contractor customers with ways to be more efficient and provide their customers (homeowners) with a better customer experience.

Tradewinds Comfort Systems

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One of our smallest companies, but also one of our most innovative. They were started to introduce new HVAC technologies to the US markets.

Headquartered in Doral, FL, Boreal services the Caribbean and LATAM markets. As those economies grow, our service to those regions will continue to grow.

Carrier InterAmerica Corp

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Founded in 1985, and part of the Carrier Enterprise family, CIAC sells to the Andes, Central America and the Caribbean.

Employee Spotlight

photo of Zac Linde

Zac Linde

President of Gemaire Distributors, and Co-Coo of Watsco

After leaving the Army, Zac joined the company which became Watsco subsidiary, Carrier Enterprise.

During his job interviews, Zac was told “I would be given the opportunity to learn sales, and operations, and eventually run a business.” His journey from customer service, through operations, and sales, certainly proved that true. The ability to move from company to company, within Watsco, also helped make that promise come true.

Starting as a Customer Service Manager, he was quickly promoted to Operations Manager, for a region that included South Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Within 3 years Zac was again promoted, to General and Sales Manager for the Texas region. He was then promoted to the President of the South Texas Region for Carrier Enterprise where he was responsible for all sales and operations. He is now with sister company Gemaire, as their President and Co-Coo of Watsco.

“Selling today is different,” Zac said. “It used to be about the right product, in the right location, to get the homeowner’s A/C up and running. Now we are a technology company, that helps HVAC contractors run their businesses better and offer great products.”

photo of Wyatt Swartz

Wyatt Swartz

Florida Division President for Baker Distributing Company

As Division President, Wyatt is responsible for all sales and operations in the state of Florida for Baker. He started out of High School, with Florida Cooling, now part of Baker Distributing. He was hired as a driver, doing deliveries. He moved into the warehouse, and then counter sales in the Branch. Because he had both sales and operations experience, he quickly became Assistant and then Branch Manager. Branch Managers are responsible for sales in the store, as well as the operations of a warehouse. He opened new branches for Baker, one of which, is still the top selling branch in Florida.

After a few years as Branch Manager, he was made Area Manager. As Area Manager, he managed the Branch Managers in his area. He was quickly promoted to Regional Manager, meaning all sales and operation activities for South Florida, reported up to him. He moved from the Florida Cooling team to Baker Distributing as the Corporate Vice President of Sales, and is now Divisional President for Florida, Baker’s largest division.

“I’ve stayed here because there is endless opportunity, it’s a great place to grow” Wyatt said. “I started as a 19-year-old kid, looking for a job, and now I run a $400 million company.”

Asked what it would take, to succeed on his team, he said “If you have a little bit of initiative, and a hunger for knowledge, our training programs will make sure you excel.”

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