Alert Labs, a Watsco Company, Attains B Corp Certification

Alert Labs Achieves B Corp Certification

Alert Labs, a Watsco company, recently announced that it has attained B Corp certification, recognizing its commitment to positive social and environmental impact, accountability, and transparency. Alert Labs is a leading manufacturer of secure, cellular-connected smart building sensors and the AlertAQ™ water and A/C intelligence platform.

After a rigorous 18-month process led by Alert Labs’ VP of Engineering, Charlie Harland, and with contributions from various team members, the company achieved an impressive score of 98.9, well above the minimum requirement of 80 and significantly higher than the average score of 50.9 for businesses who apply. This remarkable achievement reflects Alert Labs’ dedication to its core values of doing good for customers, employees, the community, and the planet, and is aligned with the values and principles of its parent company, Watsco, Inc.

To date, Alert Labs’ solutions have helped save over 5 billion gallons of water and prevent over 40,000 tons of CO2e emissions, making a positive impact on the environment. Consistent civic engagement, worker compensation, and high percentage of female managers also contributed to Alert Labs’ nearly perfect score.

Alert Labs joins an esteemed group of 6,200 B Corps in 80 countries and 155 industries who share the same commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


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