Diversity in People and Roles

We thrive on our mix of cultures and responsibilities

What sets us apart, brings us together

Not only can you see it in our corporate headquarters, you can hear it. Just walk around. Visit the offices and the common areas where people meet. Miami is a multi-cultural city, and that is reflected at Watsco. The 100 or so people at our headquarters speak more than a dozen languages, and represent more than 20 countries.

5,000 employees across all subs
20+ nationalities
12+ languages spoken
565 locations around the country

Just as diverse as the employees that work here, are the jobs they have been hired to do. From Intrapreneurs at our tech incubator, and data scientists for our growing analytics group, to our excellent people in sales, warehousing, and supply chain. We are 5000 people strong, If you are self-motivated to win, and want to help us continue to revolutionize the industry, send us your resumé.